Jan 9

“For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also”

Matthew 6:21

What are we putting our treasures in? Our money, time, and our thoughts? Think about it, where you are putting all your energy into is what your heart will turn into. That is why it is so important for us to read the word of God day in and day out, along with praying continuously all day. After all, we need to have a relationship with God, not just knowledge of Him. Putting treasures in things above, is what will form us into the person that God intended us to be. This is something that we will never regret. If you are feeling worn down, and even without a real purpose in life, maybe it is because your putting your treasures in things that won’t last. Putting time and energy into the things in of the world will just cause you to become unsatisfied and leave you feeling empty and lost. I believe that it is because we have this huge hole in our soul that is longing for the Lord to come in and fill us completely up. But when we begin to invite Him in, all of a sudden in the middle of our trials we can to fix our eyes on the treasure awaiting us in heaven. Focusing our heart on things above is a huge step in basically reviving our soul back to true life. This is the most satisfying feeling ever! Don’t hesitate, today is the day where we start to put our focus on true treasure.


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